Reviews & Praise

"Katherine did an animal card reading for me, and I found the cards to be very relevant and helpful in their insight to my experiences. Whether teaching, advising, working with nature, creating art, or performing other kinds of healing work, she puts her heart into all of her services and is a true servant. I also recommend watching her YouTube videos, which are so relaxing that I've watched several of them multiple times. Thank you, Katherine!"--C. R.

"Katherine is such a warm personality that works extremely well with young people. She has a profound connection to creativity and the natural world. She opens the doors to receiving healing benefits from nature in a holistic way. Her many years of experience as an artist and a caretaker for others has prepared her for this very special role that only she can do! I have been lucky enough to enjoy the healing prayer songs with Katherine and sing them often to share with others as well. Her animal card readings have  also impacted me in a positive way to be reflective and intuit the message the animal was trying to share, I feel animals are our first teachers and the messages they have for us are important now. Her creative nature activities help create a sense of connectedness through the senses. No matter what you feel drawn to exploring, know that you are in good hands with K.T. Her nonjudge mental attitude and vibrant presence is very sincere. She really enjoys this and it shows!" -Ashley Weiss, Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide, former AmeriCorps co-worker and friend.

"I have had the pleasure of watching this artist's craft grow over the past decade. Her unique style is not just skillful but heartfelt in such a way that the viewer cannot help but feel as though they were somehow intimately involved in the painting process. In her simplicity they strike strong childlike emotions that in ways bring me back to a simpler time when I saw things more innocently. Also I have never doubted her gifts as an animal messenger. When I met KT I had been having intense, repeated dreams of the same animal over and over again. Without knowing this she immediately identified the animal. Ever since then I have relied on her insight to further my understanding of those around me and their unique medicine path in life. That is what identifying a totem animal is. It is insight into the arcane purpose of the soul. This valuable medicine continues to add growth to my life and I am very thankful KT was able to give this gift to me. I also turn to her for animal card readings which while not predictive in nature, always lend accurate insight to the energies in play. This has lent the perspective and strength to meet life's obstacles. KT is highly intuitive, present, creative, and gracious with her readings. One really meets a friend when having a sitting with her." -- Panther

"Katherine at Dolphin Healing Arts & Nature is a wonderful asset to any life experience. She is knowledgeable, kind and intuitive. I learned more about myself as well as practical activities to help me through a period of transition." - Coyote